[Samba] time sync for windows workstations

Ryan Ashley ryana at reachtechfp.com
Wed Sep 3 12:39:08 MDT 2014

Windows time does now use NTP. In fact every workstation I setup for 
clients I set to use "us.pool.ntp.org" and they work fine. Domain 
systems work with the Samba DC and ntpd just fine though. There is a 
mode called "NTDS5" though, and I assume it has something to do with 
directory services. Not sure how it works. Like I said, I set non-domain 
systems to use NTP and the main US pool and all is good.

On 9/3/2014 1:55 PM, Gregory Sloop wrote:
> Is windows time sync now completely bog-standard NTP? [It might well be, as I haven't paid much attention to the issue in modern times.] In the past Windows time sync occurred via some RPC call or some-such and thus wasn't handled via a TCP/UDP NTP transaction.
> I've never actually packet captured a time sync from a modern Windows domain-member client, so I'm not sure how the transaction occurs. [And knowing that would be helpful in offering advice - which would be a good thing. :) ]
> -Greg

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