[Samba] Mac OS Mavericks über slow

Gregory Sloop gregs at sloop.net
Tue Sep 2 10:06:04 MDT 2014

I seem to recall a situation where it has to enumerate all the different filename case combinations [upper/lower/mixed] before it displays it on OSX.

I think a search of the list might turn up the post.

I've done a few searches and turn up this: [Which doesn't jive with my above recollection. I hope someone else has a suggestion. More searches might turn it up too.]

You can do your own searches on the list here:


ct> Hi guys,
ct> we are running a fileserver for a company with ~10 Mac OS Mavericks (not all up to date).
ct> The Samba server is running on Centos 5 with official Samba from Centos.
ct> We see big big lagging while browsing the fileserver. Some
ct> directories du to the activy of the company contains more than 4000 files (small one).
ct> Everything is fine if we connect with Windows or Linux machine,
ct> but with Mac Os it's a nightmare with smb.Sometimes it takes more
ct> than 5 minutes to open a directory.
ct> We've tried sshfs wich work seamlessly considering speed. But we
ct> would like to stick with SMB (feature wise)We've tuned anything we
ct> could within the server configuration without any results, same
ct> with the client side googling what we could.We've also try, latest
ct> Fedora and latest Samba, even Ubuntu without any results.
ct> Since few days, and for few Mac we see same problem even in
ct> directories with few files in it.
ct> Any help would be appreciated.
ct> C.


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