[Samba] Mac OS Mavericks über slow

chris tillian christillian at live.com
Tue Sep 2 03:29:32 MDT 2014

Hi guys,
we are running a fileserver for a company with ~10 Mac OS Mavericks (not all up to date).
The Samba server is running on Centos 5 with official Samba from Centos.
We see big big lagging while browsing the fileserver. Some directories du to the activy of the company contains more than 4000 files (small one).
Everything is fine if we connect with Windows or Linux machine, but with Mac Os it's a nightmare with smb.Sometimes it takes more than 5 minutes to open a directory.
We've tried sshfs wich work seamlessly considering speed. But we would like to stick with SMB (feature wise)We've tuned anything we could within the server configuration without any results, same with the client side googling what we could.We've also try, latest Fedora and latest Samba, even Ubuntu without any results.
Since few days, and for few Mac we see same problem even in directories with few files in it.
Any help would be appreciated.


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