[Samba] windows shortcut for "Gro­up Policy Editor"

Rowland Penny rowlandpenny at googlemail.com
Thu Oct 30 04:53:59 MDT 2014

On 30/10/14 10:06, ?icro MEGAS wrote:
>> Rowland wrote...
>> If you really want to know, try this command on the server:
>> ldbsearch -H /var/lib/samba/private/sam.ldb -b
>> 'CN=Policies,CN=System,CN=mydom,DC=example,DC=com' dn
> unfortunately I didn't get the expected result with that command. I got:
> search error - No such Base DN: CN=Policies,CN=System,CN=mydom,DC=example,DC=com
> and yes, of course I replaced the string "mydom" and "example" to my needs.
> But never mind, thanks however ...
Strange, it worked for me. You posted 
'CN=Policies,CN=mydom,DC=example,DC=com' but the webpage you posted the 
link to, used the path I used.

What you could do (if you are interested enough) is run this on the DC:

ldbedit -e nano -H /var/lib/samba/private/sam.ldb

Then search (ctrl-w) for 'CN=Policies' and see what you can find, you 
will undoubtedly have to carry out a few searches.


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