[Samba] domain users "primary gro­up" does not take effect ­in UNIX attributes (NIS)

L.P.H. van Belle belle at bazuin.nl
Thu Oct 30 02:30:58 MDT 2014

and you did klik on some other groups. because for me it's also greyed out, but
when i klik on an other group im able to select an other one.

the primairy group is the group (gid) which will be set on linux. 
Not the unix group you selected at the Unix tab. 


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>take effect ­in UNIX attributes (NIS)
>> What did you set as the "primairy group on the "Member of" Tab? 
>> Thats the group hou need to set.
>Hi Louis,
>the "Set Primary Group" on the tab [Member of] is not usable, 
>it's greyed out. I cannot click/choose anything on that area. 
>I tested on several user accounts and with different Domain 
>Admins account logged-in and using ADUC. But that makes sense, 
>as in "windows world" you don't need the primary group as the 
>text in that window is explaining. I think this setting has to 
>be done in [UNIX Attributes] tab as it it counts for UNIX 
>accounts. But how?
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