[Samba] Migration to Samba 4

Marc Muehlfeld mmuehlfeld at samba.org
Tue Oct 28 10:54:17 MDT 2014

Hello Chris,

Am 27.10.2014 um 23:17 schrieb Sonic:
> Currently have (and working for years) a Samba 3 PDC that also acts as
> a file server and a print server. Would like to migrate the DC duties
> only (at this time) to a Samba 4 AD on a new box without disturbing
> user profiles (all SIDs, etc. remain the same), domain member joins
> etc. Basically somewhat like an upgrade but on a new box with a new
> name and then demoting the old PDC to a member server to seamlessly
> continue its file and print serving duties.
> I'm looking for a series of proper steps to accomplish this with as
> little interruption and as much safety as possible. If anyone has done
> this and can provide steps or a pointer in the proper direction it
> would be greatly appreciated.

This is possible. But you should calculate a downtime for the migration,
because you can't have the PDC and a AD DC for the same domain together

And of course you should test this before in a separate environment.
Because if your clients have seen an AD DC of a domain, they won't logon
to an NT4 PDC of that domain any more.

Documentation you can find here: https://wiki.samba.org

E. g.


The old PDC can't be demoted to an AD Member. Remove the databases and
adapt the config for Member Server (see Wiki).


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