[Samba] Samba client doesn't work SMB2 with MAC 0S 10.9.5

Tompkins, Michael Michael.Tompkins at xerox.com
Fri Oct 24 09:28:21 MDT 2014

Need to get confirmation that my fix for 3.6.5, will not cause other issues...  See below...

Also my changes to 4.0.7, I needed to add the check "||NT_STATUS_EQUAL(status, NT_STATUS_NO_SUCH_FILE) " in source3/libsmb/smb2cli_fnum.c:

if (!NT_STATUS_IS_OK(status)) {
                        if (NT_STATUS_EQUAL(status, STATUS_NO_MORE_FILES) ||
                                NT_STATUS_EQUAL(status, NT_STATUS_NO_SUCH_FILE) ) {
                        goto fail;


        if (NT_STATUS_EQUAL(status, STATUS_NO_MORE_FILES) ||
                NT_STATUS_EQUAL(status, NT_STATUS_NO_SUCH_FILE) ) {
                status = NT_STATUS_OK;

Because the MAC 10.9.5 server returns back NT_STATUS_NO_SUCH_FILE and window servers reply back STATUS_NO_MORE_FILES.

Previous post...

Just getting back to our Samba 4.0.7 and 3.6.5. I was able to modify our 4.0.7 implementation to work with the 4.0.7 version by adding some additional checks for SMB2 that weren't in the original patch Jeremy originally gave me. I also had to make a special check when deleting a file, because do_list was called, but on the MAC it returns a different error code, than windows does, which was causing us to error out, even though the delete took place.

For 3.6.5, I finally found the smb.conf entry 'client signing = disabled', now let's everything work. I just need to verify that is proper for 3.6.5. Since the client doesn't support SMB2, I'm guessing it's a valid statement to have. Please confirm.

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