[Samba] External DNS Setup

Marc Muehlfeld mmuehlfeld at samba.org
Thu Oct 23 19:19:36 MDT 2014

Hello David,

Am 24.10.2014 um 02:07 schrieb David Thompson:
> I’m setting up a DC for testing and what I’d like to do is
> circumvent the built-in DNS but as well I’d also like to not
> have to rely on BIND on the same server either.

This isn't possible. The internal DNS naturally requires to be on the
same host, of course. And BIND9_DLZ as backend also requires to live on
the same host, because it uses modules of Samba and access the LDB files
of the DC.

> What I’d like to do is have the SAMBA 4 domain update my external
> BIND DNS Server in the same manner that a windows based server
> would do this.

But why not running the internal DNS or BIND on the DC, authoritative
for the AD DNS domain(s), and configuring a forwarder on your external
BIND servers:

zone "samdom.example.com" {
         type forward;
         forwarders {; };

Then all users still use the current external DNS servers (the ones not
on the DC), but are able to resolve AD DNS requests.


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