[Samba] upgrade 4.0.0rc4 to 4.1

noc noc at nieuwland.nl
Thu Oct 9 01:10:41 MDT 2014

On 6-10-2014 10:37, Basil Thompson wrote:
> Hi there
> I downloaded the latest stable release, and I can run ./configure,
> make, make install after installing quite a few dependancies, but it
> does not replace the current samba? Please excuse my ignorance, as I
> dont know how to tell it to install to the same location as 4.0.0 rc4
> as I dont actually know where 4.0.0.rc4 is intalled in the first
> place. 4.1 seems to install to /usr/local/samba
which samba will tell you where the binary lives, would expect
/usr/sbin. If thats the case then the install root is /usr so run
configure with --prefix=/usr
If you're on debian than it might be needed to add more configure
options. Check where samba is keeping its private ldb files. On my
centos systems its /var/lib/samba/private


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