[Samba] upgrade 4.0.0rc4 to 4.1

Basil Thompson basil at busydoingit.com
Mon Oct 6 02:37:39 MDT 2014

Hi there

I downloaded the latest stable release, and I can run ./configure, make, 
make install after installing quite a few dependancies, but it does not 
replace the current samba? Please excuse my ignorance, as I dont know 
how to tell it to install to the same location as 4.0.0 rc4 as I dont 
actually know where 4.0.0.rc4 is intalled in the first place. 4.1 seems 
to install to /usr/local/samba

I have tried reading the "samba how to" from samba.org but I dont see 
any detailed install help / steps.

Any advice is greatly apprecaited,

Kind Regards


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