[Samba] ntvfs handler = cifs, CIFS-Proxy

Ryan Ashley ryana at reachtechfp.com
Thu Oct 2 07:37:05 MDT 2014

Not trying to jump in here since Rowland is a seasoned Samba vet, but I 
see something that seems silly to me and I need to ask about it. There 
is no path in your share, which is why it is complaining.

            ntvfs handler = cifs
            cifs:server =
            cifs:share = projects$

It expects a line telling the path to the share.

     path = /home/shared/whatever

I realize you are trying to host a share that may be on another machine 
(, but I have never seen that done. Would it be possible to 
mount the remote share on that system and use the path to it?

mount -t cifs -o username=user,password=password 
//$ /media/projects

     path = /media/projects
     comment = Projects share
     Read Only = No

Something like that I would THINK would work. I am also feverish today 
(flu maybe, yay) and may not be thinking correctly.

On 10/02/2014 05:34 AM, Rowland Penny wrote:
> On 02/10/14 10:00, Meike Stone wrote:
>> Sorry Rowland,
>> I don't want annoy you ... Thanks for helping.
>> I did not understand your question, because I'm new in samba4 and had
>> not enough background about the different FS in samba ...
>> I like to answer your question as PN, because it has not technical 
>> character ...
>>> I asked you **TWO**** questions but you only answered one and I 
>>> didn't know which one!
>>>> Hi, did you provision your samba4 server as a member server ?
>> My answer: Yes, the samba server is domain member in MYDOM, ..
> Hmm, that's still not answering the question, lets try it another way, 
> did you run:
> samba-tool domain provision <other options>
>>>> if not, did you write the smb.conf yourself ?
>> My answer: I wrote this on my own.
> I understood that you had either written or altered smb.conf, that bit 
> was fairly obvious.
> What I am trying to get across is this:
> You cannot provision samba4 as an AD member server, this is something 
> the devs will have to create when they get the time, other things have 
> greater priority.
> You can use samba4 as a domain member by creating the relevant 
> smb.conf and then joining the machine to the domain.
> The 'server services' line will only affect a samba4 machine that was 
> 'provisioned', it will have no affect on a member server joined to the 
> domain. This is because only a provisioned machine runs the samba 
> daemon and the 'server services' line only affects this daemon.
> I do not think that what you are trying to do will work, in the format 
> you are trying.
> Lastly, can you please keep all posts on the list.
> Rowland
>> So I thought, I answered both question ...
>> Kindly regards and sorry for confusing ...

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