[Samba] ntvfs handler = cifs, CIFS-Proxy

Rowland Penny rowlandpenny at googlemail.com
Thu Oct 2 03:34:26 MDT 2014

On 02/10/14 10:00, Meike Stone wrote:
> Sorry Rowland,
> I don't want annoy you ... Thanks for helping.
> I did not understand your question, because I'm new in samba4 and had
> not enough background about the different FS in samba ...
> I like to answer your question as PN, because it has not technical character ...
>> I asked you **TWO**** questions but you only answered one and I didn't know which one!
>>> Hi, did you provision your samba4 server as a member server ?
> My answer: Yes, the samba server is domain member in MYDOM, ..

Hmm, that's still not answering the question, lets try it another way, 
did you run:

samba-tool domain provision <other options>

>>> if not, did you write the smb.conf yourself ?
> My answer: I wrote this on my own.

I understood that you had either written or altered smb.conf, that bit 
was fairly obvious.

What I am trying to get across is this:

You cannot provision samba4 as an AD member server, this is something 
the devs will have to create when they get the time, other things have 
greater priority.

You can use samba4 as a domain member by creating the relevant smb.conf 
and then joining the machine to the domain.

The 'server services' line will only affect a samba4 machine that was 
'provisioned', it will have no affect on a member server joined to the 
domain. This is because only a provisioned machine runs the samba daemon 
and the 'server services' line only affects this daemon.

I do not think that what you are trying to do will work, in the format 
you are trying.

Lastly, can you please keep all posts on the list.

> So I thought, I answered both question ...
> Kindly regards and sorry for confusing ...

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