[Samba] Multilingual Win 2008 R2 problems with Samba 3.6/CentOS 6

Jakub Kulesza jakkul at gmail.com
Thu Nov 27 04:35:08 MST 2014

I think, that this is the behaviour of your windows clients that connect to
the domain. If you logon, let's say widows 7 English, it will create
English directories in the remote profile. If you use Swedish, you'll have
Swedish directories.

I've had the same issue here - only Polish Windowses are allowed in the
network that we use the samba 4 DC in.

Not all directory names are translated - only the ones that are shown
somewhere to a regular user. In Polish there is Pulpit for Desktop,
Ulubione for Favourites, Moje Dokumenty for My Documents, Menu Start for
Start Menu and so on. AppData stays in English.

Roaming profile attributes should allow the user that has the profile to
write. Windows client uses current logged user to sync the profiles. So I
doubt that this is an issue.

The app menu in windows is combined from stuff that is systemwide and stuff
that user has in his/her profile - as you've noticed. But it has nothing or
extremely little to do with Samba.

Can you post what Windows versions with which language packs do you use?

2014-11-27 11:11 GMT+01:00 Peter Astrand <astrand at cendio.se>:

> I'm trying to setup a multilingual Windows 2008 R2 Remote Desktop Server,
> joined to a Samba 3.6.23 domain. The domain join etc works. However, after
> installing MUI packs and switching to Swedish for a test user, I noticed
> that only some parts of the user interface was translated. For example, in
> "Computer" I can see:
> Favoriter
>  | Desktop
>  | Downloads
>  | RecentPlaces
> Thus, only 1 of 4 strings were translated. Same problem is visible on the
> start menu: Calculator is translated to "Kalkylatorn", while Notepad is
> left translated. This seems to be caused by the fact that Calculator.lnk is
> located in c:\programdata\microsoft\windows\start
> menu\programs\accessories, while Notepad.lnk is in the user portion of the
> start menu. Thus, it is the user portion of the start menu that is not
> translated.
> After some investigation, I noticed that this is caused by wrong file
> attributes: The "Start menu" folder/subfolders loses the "read only"
> attribute. On the Samba side, the mode is:
> drwxrwxr-x+ 3 cendastr cendastr 4096 27 nov 10.57 Start Menu
> What is the recommended solution to this? I recently found:
> https://wiki.samba.org/index.php/Samba_%26_Windows_
> Profiles#Implementing_roaming_profiles_with_Samba
> However, the suggested configuration is to store roaming profiles on a
> separate share. We would prefer to store them in the UNIX home dir as we
> currently do (logon path = \\%N\%U\.profile). Is that possible?
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