[Samba] Wiki Typo on InitScript for Upstart Systems?

Rowland Penny rowlandpenny at googlemail.com
Fri Nov 21 11:25:25 MST 2014

On 21/11/14 17:58, James wrote:
> Thanks. Now when you say it comes with 14.04. You mean if a user 
> elects to install from the repositories(ie. apt-get)? I'm setting up a 
> test DC using Virtual Box and 14.04 Installed from tar. I didn't see a 
> script. I used an old script from a prior 12.04 install to start the DC..
> On 11/21/2014 12:30 PM, Rowland Penny wrote:
>> On 21/11/14 17:08, James wrote:
>>> Hello,
>>>     Looking over the wiki I see
>>> "The following init script will start the samba a source installed 
>>> samba NON AD server: "
>>> What is it supposed to say? I don't follow 'start the samba a source 
>>> installed samba'. Is there a different upstart script for an actual 
>>> AD server? Thanks.
>> OK, I have fixed it and in answer to your second question, yes there 
>> is a different script to start an AD server on ubuntu and it comes 
>> with ubuntu 14.04 :-)
>> Rowland

If you are using ubuntu 14.04, you can install samba 4.1.6 with apt-get, 
this will get you an init-script. If you want/need a later version, you 
would need to compile it yourself (in which case, you wouldn't get an 
init script), find a ppa or change OS to debian wheezy and install samba 
from backports. this will get you 4.1.11 and an initscript.


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