[Samba] samba4 PDC, smbstatus provides no info

Jakub Kulesza jakkul at gmail.com
Thu Nov 20 02:12:18 MST 2014


the way I create the user is:
- MMC on Windows, run as administrator, user management snap in
- i copy a user from one, that has his homedir variable filled in with
%USERNAME% as username
- new user has his homedir variable filled properly
- the directory is created, but:
- with ntvfs the owner of the directory is root, needs chown in a script
- with s3fs the owner is the new user, but the directory gets rwx for the
group "Domain Users". The home dir should be accessible only for the user.

I'll google about default rights for the directories, I guess this needs
some policy in windows or something.

pam_mkhomedir - I'll google it and check it out.


i know, that winbind only provides UID mapping and GID mapping to
user/group name and passwords, no UNIX parameters whatsoever. I wonder what
else is not working in winbind, that makes the statement in the docs true.
Is turning winbind off enough not to worry about it? I do not need the
users to log into the box.

I tried googling for people with problems with winbind in general. Either
they complain on stuff that works in ubuntu 14.04 LTS or not working unix

@All - than you for all the interest in my post and valuable help!

2014-11-19 13:35 GMT+01:00 Roel van Meer <roel at 1afa.com>:

> Rowland Penny writes:
>  > OK, two things pop out at me, you seem to be using the AD DC as a
>>> > fileserver, this is not recommended
>>> Why is this not recommended? I haven't found anything about it in the
>>> documentation.
>>>  See here: https://wiki.samba.org/index.php/Samba_AD_DC_HOWTO#
>> Introduction
> Is there more information about which "issues with the winbind internal to
> the Domain Controller" there are, and what their effects are? Our goal is
> to have *one* server, which acts as AD DC but also as fileserver. So far, I
> haven't seen any problems, but maybe I haven't looked hard enough.
> Thanks,
> Roel
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Jakub Kulesza

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