[Samba] Solution for: "Samba server does not show up in Windows Network Places"

Gaiseric Vandal gaiseric.vandal at gmail.com
Wed Nov 5 07:59:55 MST 2014

Conceptually, if you are using AD (with a Samba 4 server or a Windows 
DC)  isn't WINS and Netbios/NBT unneeded?    I know that Windows 7 / 
2008 have a different mechanism for network discovery (network 
browsing)  than Windows 2003/XP.    (By default, XP machines won't see 
Windows 7 machines.)

On 11/05/14 09:40, Bo Kersey wrote:
> So from my research yesterday, I find that:
> samba4/nbt has replication but not browsing capability
> nmbd has browsing capability but not replication.
> Since we are using a single Samba4 AD server with no need for replication, using nmbd should be an adequate solution.
> I'm basing this on the thread 'Single binary to rule them all!' from the samba-technical mailing list....
> <quote from the above referenced thread>
> For AD DC's with replicate the AD-LDAP tree, it would be bad to rely
> on a single 'nmbd' as wins server in the whole domain. We really
> want wins replication in that case.
> I think it's harder to implement wins replication into nmbd
> than to add network browsing to the nbt service.
> <close quote>
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>> I was basing this on the TODO item in the comment:
>> -               /* TODO: when we have a merged set of defaults for
>> -                * loadparm, we could possibly check if the internal
>> -                * nbt server is in the list, and allow a startup if disabled
>> */
>> So, if I turn off nbt server (if this TODO had been completed) I could run
>> nmbd.  I don't know how to check that nbt is disabled, so I just did this
>> the dangerous way.
>> The item in the comment seems to imply that as long as nbt is not running
>> that it is ok to run nmbd.  Does that make sense?

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