[Samba] Solution for: "Samba server does not show up in Windows Network Places"

Bo Kersey bo at vircio.com
Wed Nov 5 07:40:17 MST 2014

So from my research yesterday, I find that:
samba4/nbt has replication but not browsing capability
nmbd has browsing capability but not replication.

Since we are using a single Samba4 AD server with no need for replication, using nmbd should be an adequate solution.

I'm basing this on the thread 'Single binary to rule them all!' from the samba-technical mailing list....

<quote from the above referenced thread>
For AD DC's with replicate the AD-LDAP tree, it would be bad to rely
on a single 'nmbd' as wins server in the whole domain. We really
want wins replication in that case.

I think it's harder to implement wins replication into nmbd
than to add network browsing to the nbt service.
<close quote>

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> I was basing this on the TODO item in the comment:
> -               /* TODO: when we have a merged set of defaults for
> -                * loadparm, we could possibly check if the internal
> -                * nbt server is in the list, and allow a startup if disabled
> */
> So, if I turn off nbt server (if this TODO had been completed) I could run
> nmbd.  I don't know how to check that nbt is disabled, so I just did this
> the dangerous way.
> The item in the comment seems to imply that as long as nbt is not running
> that it is ok to run nmbd.  Does that make sense?

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