[Samba] Mounting redirected My Documents on a linux member of the domain

dnl David.Lee at jesus.org.uk
Mon Nov 3 15:40:23 MST 2014

On my test domain, I have the My Documents folder redirected by a group 
policy to \\SERVER\home\%USERNAME%\Documents, so is available on any 
machine on the network. I have added a Linux machine (ubuntu) to the 
domain, and would like users to be able to access their My Documents 
folder on that machine. I am struggling to work out how to do this, and 
have not found any adequate resources on the web which answer all the 
problems. I am aware of the following hazards:
  1) mount.cifs by default is restricted to root, possible work rounds are
       a) mount \\SERVER\home as root, use a script to add a link to the 
correct subdirectory - would this be secure, and give the right acccess 
for the user?
       b) Might be possible to use autofs
       c) sudo mount.cifs - but then how do you user the kerberos ticket 
of the genuine user, as root is then doing the mounting
  2) Any method will almost certainly need a logon script, to allow for 
the different usernames, so a level of variable substitution will be 
needed - no hard coded user names, and needs to use the kerberos ticket.
3) Mounting can be read only by default.
I am surprised at the difficulty of finding information on this, as I 
would have expected many others to have done this. Please share your 


David Lee
Flore, UK

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