[Samba] adding nt4 server to samba4 AD

mourik jan heupink - merit heupink at merit.unu.edu
Wed May 28 04:34:25 MDT 2014

Hi all,

I need to add a windows nt4 (sp6a) server to our samba-4.1.6 active 
directory. I installed nt4 as a 'stand alone server'. So far it doesn't 
work, I get:

When selecting to 'create a computer account in the domain':
- the machine account for this computer either does not exist or is 

If I create a computer account manually, and do not check 'create a 
computer account in the domain', I get:
- unable to contact the domain controller for this domain. Have your 
administrator check your computer account on the domain.

Internet works, dns is set to my AD dns server. (I guess not that it 

So, before trying all kinds of stuff...: Is this (adding an nt4 server 
as a 'regular client') still supposed to work with recent samba4?

Kind regards,

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