[Samba] Totally missing the mark here

Gregory Sloop gregs at sloop.net
Fri May 23 13:38:15 MDT 2014

I haven't been following the list carefully, but have you followed the Samba wiki?


This should get you setup with an AD quite quickly.
I'm not sure about the sernet packages - I've seen _some_ problems in the past, but perhaps those reports are not valid any more. Frankly, compiling your own isn't half hard. [And since there aren't any good [read: current] distro supported packages you end up having to do "manual" updates anyway - so compiling is a little more hard than just installing a package, but also tends to help remove any potential problems/compatibility issues that often crop up from a package 

[But that's all mainly an aside. Start with the Wiki and go from there. If it doesn't work be specific with your questions etc.]


SC> I have to say I probably shouldn't have read that version 3 samba book,
SC> but I did, so I'm thoroughly confused about what I should be doing to 
SC> get this server configured properly.

SC> I have installed the Sernet rpms on this server. For now, I'm going to
SC> run the AD on the same server as the file shares.

SC> Using the wiki as a guide, I've followed the provisioning but the first
SC> tests don't seem to succeed.

SC> Am I doing this backwards? Should I first make this server a normal 
SC> Samba file server that will allow users to mount shares manually before
SC> proceeding on to AD stuff. I'm not seeing how I can have any valid users
SC> or anything following the wiki. It's like it should be Chapter 44 
SC> instead of the first prolog.

SC> This is really humbling.

SC> I could use some pointers in how to bring a new server up to an 
SC> AD/DC+fileserver.

SC> Thanks for any help. For now, I'll dig in and read as much as I can.

SC> steve campbell

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