[Samba] Best Way to install a Samba4 DC with Samba3 Memberserver

Marc Muehlfeld mmuehlfeld at samba.org
Fri May 23 10:02:57 MDT 2014

Hello Hauke,

Am 23.05.2014 16:11, schrieb Hauke Homburg:
> I thought it is better to in install a Memberserver like a Fileserver
> with SAMBA 3 because i wasn't sure to use a SAMBA 4 Installation for
> Fileservices, too.
> My actual Knowlede is that SAMBA 4 is primally for the AD Services. The
> File Service is in the SAMBA 3 Code in Package.

3.6 -> 4.0 -> 4.1 (-> 4.2)

Samba 4 does not mean AD. You can upgrade your Samba NT4-style PDC to
4.1 and stay at your NT4-style PDC without any problem.

> I didn't know that SAMBA should be discontinued with SAMBA 4.2.


> So i think it is the best Way to install both, DC and Memberserver, with
> SAMBA 4?

I would not install 3.6 any more if I have the choice. 3.6 is already in
"security updates only" mode and gets discontinued, when 4.2 is
published. Following the 9 month rule this will be this summer.

> What is the State of the Nested Group Support in the File Services of
> SAMBA 4? I want to use AGDLP for Rightsmanagement.
> Till this day ich installed the "old" SAMBA 4 iso Image from Sernet and
> the UCS Server 3.0. In the face off it the nested group support was not
> good.

What kind of problems do you have with nested groups?

In production I have some nested groups in my AD and it works without
problems for all Windows services (file shares, printer, permissions, etc.).


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