[Samba] New AD DC fails to start

Marc Muehlfeld mmuehlfeld at samba.org
Sat May 17 16:57:53 MDT 2014

Hello Matthew,

Am 18.05.2014 00:01, schrieb Matthew Daubenspeck:
> I have followed the Samba AD DC HOWTO wiki and after everything looks
> proper, I can't get samba to properly start. I'm using Samba 4.1.7 on
> Arch Linux. Running samba -d3 -i -M single I get the following error:
> service_setup_stream_socket(address=::,port=0) failed -
> task_server_terminate: [Failed to startup dcerpc server task]
> samba_terminate: Failed to startup dcerpc server task
> Any ideas what I may have messed up? I changed the proper DNS settings,
> as well as put entries in /etc/hosts but I'm still not having any luck
> getting samba started.
> There were no errors on the initial provision.

You gave not very much details, so I just can guess:

* Do you have multiple NICs in your system or multiple IPs defined on
your NIC? Did Samba choosed the right IP during the provisioning? If not
temporary shut down the other interfaces and re-provision.

* Bind Samba to the interfaces it should listen on:
  This one should also be choosen by the provisioning process

For a better help, please provide some more information
- Multiple NICs/IPs?
- Provisioning command/output
- smb.conf
- complete log output
- etc.


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