[Samba] How to do basic task: add samba4 member server to samba4 ad dc?

Marc Muehlfeld mmuehlfeld at samba.org
Sat May 10 05:42:41 MDT 2014

Hello Jon,

Am 09.05.2014 21:18, schrieb Jon Detert:
 > The closest URL I found is this:
> https://wiki.samba.org/index.php/Setup_a_Samba_AD_Member_Server

Good. This works. I re-wrote and re-validated it just a few days ago. :-)

> Would some one please point me to better documentation, or tell me
 > how to go about this?

Just follow the HowTo. It works. ;-)

> 1) I don't have users/groups in schema rfc2307.  Is this a
 > requirement?

If you want a central administration of your unix attributes (UIDs/GIDs, 
etc.), then yes.

If not, you can use e. g. winbind and configure a static value for all 
users via  'template shell' / 'template homedir' / ...
Another way instead of winbind would be e. g. sssd.

But in both cases, you don't have a central administration then for your 
unix account data and e. g. different UIDs on every server.

> 2) The document does not say you need to install winbind,
 > but over 1/2 way through, says you should start the
> winbind daemon.

If you follow the HowTo, it will be there when you have to start it.

 > Do I need it? If so, why?

See 1.)

> , and how do  I configure it?  Simply by the 5 lines shown in the
 > example basic smb.conf?

If you have some special requirements or different needs, you need more 
or other values. It depents on your environment and what you want to 

 > Does that mean I must add rfc2307
 > schema and data to my AD DC?

See 1.)


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