[Samba] How to do basic task: add samba4 member server to samba4 ad dc?

Jon Detert jdetert at infinityhealthcare.com
Fri May 9 13:18:34 MDT 2014

I want to add a samba4 server to a samba4 AD domain, and serve file-shares from it.

The closest URL I found is this:


However, it is not enough.  Would some one please point me to better documentation, or tell me how to go about this?

Problems I have with the above url:

1) I don't have users/groups in schema rfc2307.  Is this a requirement?  If not, then what, if any, of the example 'idmap config' and winbind directives do I need?  Is there something else I need?

2) The document does not say you need to install winbind, but over 1/2 way through, says you should start the winbind daemon.  Do I need it?  If so, why?, and how do I configure it?  Simply by the 5 lines shown in the example basic smb.conf?  Does that mean I must add rfc2307 schema and data to my AD DC?

Jon Detert
Sr. Systems Administrator
Infinity Healthcare
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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