[Samba] Additional Domain controller settings

Rowland Penny rowlandpenny at googlemail.com
Sun Mar 30 15:22:07 MDT 2014

On 30/03/14 20:36, Stuart Naylor wrote:
> Apols,
> I have been running samba in a VM using the sernet binaries on debian7, so it starts on boot.
> rm /etc/samba/smb.conf
> rm -R /var/lib/samba/private/*
> rm -R /var/lib/samba/sysvol/*
> But forgot to stop samba, but all seemed OK. Infact might of only needed a smbcontrol all reload-config or at least a Samba restart.
> Just rebooted and all was well.
> I have had no problems with the above with re-provisioning, domain join need a restart.
It probably would have been best to stop samba before the join, but if 
everything is working ok, then no problem.

> With rfc2307 is this my noobness or do you need that for unix schema inclusion into the M$ LDAP?

The use of the RFC2307 attributes has been given several names by 
microsoft, 'SFU' etc, and basically provides everything a Unix client 
needs to auth to AD.

> As yeah I want both as SSSD with Linux clients is a definite option.

Ah, that could be a problem, the last I heard you could not use sssd 
with the sernet packages, though this could have changed by now, someone 
will be along with the latest on this.

> Then just my other noob question, do M$ use file GUID's for replication?
> I presume they do as much of there replication techniques hark back to early jet methods of GUID's and time stamps.
> I was pondering and thinking why haven't those guys got sysvol replication sorted as it was probably easier than the directory methods.

Rome wasn't built in a day, to have got as far as they have is very 
good, but there is still much to do, they will get to sysvol replication 
as and when they can.

> As far as I am aware there are only available in NTFS, file UUID's or GUID's and if the above is true thats a bugger. :)
> You could use different methods but then that rules out replication to M$.
> File system is a file system to me, if you use Samba then maybe we should use NTFS for the system?

You can use NTFS for the system, it is called running a windows server 
(with all the costs involved).

> Bet that goes down like a lead balloon.

Do not really understand this, a lead balloon will actually float. ;-)


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