[Samba] Additional Domain controller settings

Stuart Naylor stuartiannaylor at thursbygarden.org
Sat Mar 29 09:16:45 MDT 2014

With samba-tool fsmo transfer or seize.

Just a dumb question if you are using the internal DNS part of smb.conf is the forwarder.
When you add another DC it points to the PDC.

So do you copy all the details from the PDC smb.conf to all DC's?
As I managed a samba-tool fsmo seize --roll=all

But obviously things didn't go well with the standard config made by samba for the additional DC.

Also had a go with sites and its great that you can create them.
Transferring a DC to a new site is a serious bad idea, lol so I found out.

Just wondered when site functionality is going to be operational as it really helps with distributed servers.

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