[Samba] Linux machine to join Samba Domain

vikas c.vikas at altechtechnologies.com
Sat Mar 29 06:20:59 MDT 2014

On Tuesday 18 March 2014 08:32 PM, Sven Schwedas wrote:
> On 2014-03-18 15:48, vikas wrote:
>> hi.. all...
>> can some one help me understanding how to add linux (mostly ubuntu,suse
>> etc)
>> what exactly i am looking for is what one should do on linux machine
>> like editing /etc/nssswitch.conf, pam related file etc..but i dont find
>> any standard way where one can add any linux machine to samba domain
> Because there isn't any. :-)
>> my goal is to just get authenticate through Samba
> There's several ways for that…
>   • Use winbindd. This is probably the most direct equivalent to Windows'
> "domain join". It's also crap and only has very limited features right
> now (Shell, home etc. aren't read from AD, but statically configured).
>   • Use pam_ldap, and nss_ldap, and pam_ccreds, and probably half a dozen
> other ill-documented tidbits and not-quite-sufficient software bits and
> stitch together a working environment. It's as flexible as it's error
> prone, but should work with all corner cases and distributions. Eventually.
>   • Use sssd. It's made by RedHat and should be the default for CentOS,
> and works sufficiently well with Samba. Needs a bit more client-side
> configuration than winbind iirc, but actually uses the provided AD
> information like shell and home dir.
>> Windows machine are successful getting connected to samba with all
>> policy working like USB disable through regedit, disable drives etc.
> All of these provide authentication only, though. There's no policy
> support, you'd need to use some other sync/deployment method for PolKit
> et. al. (and can't configure them via AD, as far as I know).

i am trying to authenticate linux machine to samba4 for which i am 
trying very hard to do using below mention links

okay so what is the question ?
some one told me "you can use ldap to authenticate there is no need to 
join linux machine to samba" so i searched and got this link 
which doesn't mention joining linux OR probably i am not able to 
understand it wholly what it is saying due to my confusion..?

So how do i authenticate linux using ldap ?

Did you got success using above link ?
using linuxcosta link i was somewhat near to success(joined domain ) but 
not able to login using domain user the only error it was showing was 
could not contact to ldap server (on local machine) . On server there 
was no error activity.

if some one can post there method of linux using samba4 would be great ..


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