[Samba] possible to change samba4 databases location?

Joe Maloney jmaloney at pcbsd.org
Thu Mar 13 07:58:40 MDT 2014

I was wondering if there might be an easy to to modify the location of the
samba databases.  By this I mean the location where like things like
sysvol, etc.  For example on FreeBSD it's stores everything under
/var/db/samba4.  In debian I think it stores everything under /etc/samba if
I remember right?  So I know at least somehow different distributions are
changing that path.

The reason I am inquiring is that FreeNAS currently creates a symoblic link
/var/db/samba4 that points to /mnt/storage/.system/samba4.  This symoblic
link triggers a problem with samba-tool ntacl sysvolreset.  I've tested
this on a UFS volume with ACLS turned on after I modified some of their
python scripts to turn ACLS on.  If I remove the symoblic link and create a
/var/db/samba4 directory and rsync everything from
/mnt/storage/.system/samba4 then samba-tool ntacl sysvolreset works.

So I know that portion of the problem I've been seeing with FreeNAS appears
to be an issue with samba-tool respecting symbolic links for that directory
at least.  So what I'm really asking is there an easy way like in smb4.conf
to change the path that samba-tool looks for regarding storage for
provisioning, sysvolreset and so on?  If I could figure this out I wanted
to roll a custom FreeNAS ISO that creates a VIMAGE jail on a ufs partition
for the samba4 databases so everything just works...

Joe Maloney

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