[Samba] Windows user unable to change password over VPN with samba 3.6.20

Gaiseric Vandal gaiseric.vandal at gmail.com
Thu Mar 13 08:35:12 MDT 2014

I realize this is not a strictly a samba "problem" but I am hoping that 
there is a samba solution.

I have a samba 3.6.20 PDC.  I am running WINS.      We use an IPSec 
client VPN to allow users with Windows 7 laptops to connect to the 
office remotely.      The windows 7 laptops are joined to the Samba 
domain.       Password expiration policies are enforced.        When you 
login to a Windows 7  laptop offsite, it uses cached credentials.  There 
is no VPN connection until a user logs into his machine and starts the 
VPN.   At which point the client is already authenticated with cached 
credentials and does not need to connect to a domain controller.

Users are unable to change their passwords over the VPN. Change password 
with control-alt-delete results in an error message along the lines of
     "Configuration could not be read from the domain controller because 
it is either unavailable or access is denied."    Which is not 
unexpected since the user has not authenticated to a domain controller 
and the OS would not know how to locate one.

I tried with the "net user command" but no luck

            C:\>net user /myname newpassword /// /DOMAIN
            The request will be processed at a domain controller for
            domain /MYDOMAIN ///.

            System error 1355 has occurred.

            The specified domain either does not exist or could not be


Remote users can connect via RDP to Windows machines on the network   to 
change passwords.   They can also ssh into  unix or linux machines to 
change passwords with smbpasswd account.      However when they log in 
to their laptops they still get a warning that the password is due to 
expire.     The supposed solution is to lock the screen then unlock the 
screen with the new credentials.  However this  won't work if the client 
does not an cannot locate and contact to DC.

The VPN client has a virtual NIC with an IP from the DHCP pool of the 
corporate DHCP server -  so it generally appears to be a node on the 
corporate LAN.    VPN clients can be configured to use the WINS server, 
but this did not help.    The VPN server does , by default, not allow  
Windows Networking (NetBIOS) Broadcasts to/from the VPN client.      I 
don't think we need it if WINS is used.

"nbtstat -c"  command did not show any entries with the IP address of a 
domain controller for machines connecting via VPN.  (it would for 
machines on the LAN.)

I have updated the lmhosts file on  one laptop

                 192.168.x.y     pdc         #PRE #DOM:MYDOMAIN  #net 
group's DC
                 #20 chars in quotes
                 192.168.x.y   "MYDOMAIN       \0x1b"   #PRE

After a reboot, "nbtsat -c" shows a valid domain controller entry (<1C>)

         PDC                  <03>  UNIQUE          192.168.x.y        -1
         PDC                  <00>  UNIQUE          192.168.x.y        -1
         PDC                  <20>  UNIQUE          192.168.x.y        -1
         MYDOMAIN    <1C>  GROUP           192.168.x.y -1
         MYDOMAIN    <1B>  UNIQUE          192.168.x.y -1

But still no luck.  It is as if once I have logged in with cached 
credentials the laptop does not want to try looking for a domain controller.

Any ideas?

Is it possible to add a DNS entry to help clients locate domain 
controllers?  I know samba 3.x (similar to Microsoft Windows NT4) does 
not rely on DNS for locating domain controllers.   MS Active Directory 
users _SRV entries to help clients locate the appropriate "Ldap" server 
.      Which of course Samba 3.x doesn't use.  I thought there might be 
some way to use DNS to help Win 7 clients find Samba 3 domain 
controllers, even if they turn out to be Samba 3 and not Active 
Directory or Samba 4.

I have one user who's password will expire before he gets back to the 
main office.


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