[Samba] Access shares from DNS alias

Thomas Harold thomas-lists at nybeta.com
Mon Mar 10 13:14:04 MDT 2014

On 3/10/2014 6:37 AM, Valentin Cheche wrote:
> On Monday, March 10, 2014 7:50:01 AM UTC+2, Christopher Chan wrote:
>> Just to let you guys that the int root domain does exist. It definitely
>> should not be used as a short form of internal.
>>  e.g. http://www.un.int/
>>  Unless, of course, you are running an actual domain under .int.
> Hi Christopher,
>    Yes, I am aware of the .int situation, but it has such a
> restrictive registration policy that I feel safe using it for
> .int(ernal) purposes. :-)
> This, plus choosing a domain name improbable to come up on .int (timco
> and oldtim are not really the original domain names ;-) ), plus having
> locks in place so that my workstations only interrogate and trust my
> internal DNS servers for this domain, and not go out on the Internet
> for the queries.

A lot of places create a sub-domain under a domain that they control.
The "intra" sub-domain seems to be a popular one.

example.com - your public domain that you own

intra.example.com - what you use for inside

Other choices are to make the subdomain the same as your NT4 domain
name, so if your domain name is EXAMPLEDOM, you would use
exampledom.example.com as your DNS name.  Host names would then be
hostname1.exampledom.example.com, etc.

Since you never push the "intra.example.com" domain records to the
outside world, you don't have to worry about your workstations getting
their DNS information from anything other then your internal DNS servers.

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