[Samba] Books of Samba 4

Gregory Sloop gregs at sloop.net
Wed Mar 5 22:38:38 MST 2014

TH> I have never complained about what samba cannot do. I agree it is a very
TH> valuable collection of work. The issues I have are with the state of the
TH> documentation, and the lack of someone taking what appears to be an
TH> inconsequential amount of time to have the one item 'samba-tool' emit a
TH> clone of the wiki text for the role=member situation. If samba 3 is really
TH> going to be dead in August, then someone will need to fix this before then,
TH> because lots of people will be guided into using saba-tool as THE approach
TH> for configuring samba 4 by all kinds of blogs, and all the role=member
TH> instances will stumble over this. As a project management issue, it would
TH> appear to make sense to get that done ASAP so there is time to shake out any
TH> issues before the real uptake in samba 4 migrations start. Then again, if
TH> the goal is a busy mail list, not fixing it will assure lots of questions.

IMO, [which matters little in the grand scheme of things] you've
whined in a particularly annoying way - and you've complained about
the gift of help here, as well as the lack of docs.

Well, put your money where your mouth is. Sign up for a Wiki account
and document all that crap you feel isn't right. [Though, IIRC wasn't
it Andrew that said "That thing I said you shouldn't do, well don't do
it?": So perhaps you shouldn't be doing docs.]

But the solution, instead of whining, is to roll up your sleeves and do
something about the docs if you think they're poor.

I certainly did - and was glad to do so.

Sure it is frustrating when you spend time figuring out the odd thing
you encountered that wasn't in the docs. But expecting a better
experience and complaining about it when you're not doing your two
bits [or more] about fixing it, with supplying your own time and
effort is the height of hypocrisy. [And that makes the whining
particularly galling, at least to me.]


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