[Samba] DNS issues (my ignorance?) beating me like a rented mule.

Jefferson Davis jdavis at standard.k12.ca.us
Thu Jun 19 18:37:35 MDT 2014

So, I managed to get an ad controller running, but cannot seem to get it to forward dns queries to my DNS server. 

It resolves it's own SRV records just fine. 

upstream bind is 9.2 

AD controller is the same DNS domain as the rest of my network (could this be the issue?) 

using SAMBA_INTERNAL on the AD controller. 

It's like I can either resolve my AD controllers SRV records or the rest of my domain, but not both... 

I've added the IP of the upstream DNS server to the forwarder statement in smb.conf, and added the ip of the AD controller to bind's forwarders {} block. 

No joy. 

I'm missing something in my understanding of DNS forwarding or something here. If you need to see more info please let me know. 



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