[Samba] Disable Pam checking for Samba4 Standalone role server with samdb_dbds as passdb backend !

CpServiceSPb . cpservicespb at gmail.com
Mon Jun 16 15:02:37 MDT 2014

By the way.
Do I understand correctly that if I use Winbindd ans nssswitch, I will be
able to login to OS using Samba4 users ?

Yes, English is not my native language.
"Access" - in the case only - is ability to login to Samba4 environment
what works in standalone server mode, using Samba4 users only (of course -
using login/pass, stored in Samba4 only) and ability to browse shares list,
read/write/modify/delete folders/files from shares from network clients
(that is neither locally access, nor ssh access to physical folders/files)
. In more simple words, ability of browsing Samba4 shares, and allowing
operations inder foldrs/files placed on it.
Samba4 is installed at Ubuntu 12.04/14.04 both LTS, Samba4 is 4.1.8, shares
are folders, mostly sited on mounted via ntfs-3g NTFS partitions.
Samba4 acts as standalone server sue to if it would act as DC, nmbd can not
be run officially (but I have found out non official run way for nmbd while
Samba4 DC mode) . Clients are Win XP/7/8 which are accessed to server using
NetBios protocols.
Also I don' t want that Samba4 users would login to the server locally or
via ssh.
I try to read carefully, especially if it is necessary to me. :))
But I already read many sources including Samba4 Wiki (for other
topic/questions) and sometimes some info could not undertand well due to
absence of some info portions, of some explnations, of doubled

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