[Samba] Disable Pam checking for Samba4 Standalone role server with samdb_dbds as passdb backend !

steve steve at steve-ss.com
Tue Jun 17 03:49:27 MDT 2014

On Tue, 2014-06-17 at 00:43 +0400, CpServiceSPb . wrote:
> > I answered your initial post and pointed you at the samba wiki, you
> > either didn't read it, understand it, or choose to ignore it. Your
> > question was a bit stupid, so I answered it the same ;-)
> If you would be more attentive and put off your guru crown you would be
> able to see, that: firstly I read Wiki link, and partical content could be
> interpreted in doubled way. in my oppinion. What I wrote about.
> > You mean bad manners like keep opening new threads rather than replying
> in the thread ?
> Hurrah, hurrah, you have found something really stupid, have you. It' s one
> more your intelegent conclusion. But there is no so.
> It' s some issue of my e-mail client. I will check it tomorrow.
> > I don't have to give you any proof what so ever, I don't even have to
> > point you at what will help you get to where you want to be.
> Also I posted that if you somebody has his/her oppinion (he/she may of
> course) and make that others oppinion/assumption/question is stupid WITHOUT
> proofs,
> either it is his/her non realized se...al fantasies or some foolish
> conclusions or mind garbage or some kind of illness. Choose in yourself
> variant what is up to you.
> You are likely a Samba guru but you behave as angry, bad mannered chield.
> ;))
> But, if you don' t have any valuble to say within tech side of the topic,
> please, at least, stop, don' t garbage it. Ok ? :)
> > If you do find a way to get samba working without nsswitch, please do
> > let us know, you will have made a major breakthrough ;-)
> But many things are possible in this world, in this time. -;)
> For example, I end up some Samba4 feature (connected with NetBrowsing) ,
> though, initially somebody said that it is impossible or rather can be
> implementing.
> I will post if I find non-nssswitch solution...

Oh dear. Not doing too well on this one. +1 from us on the comment not
to ignore the nº1 component of plain English, common sense, patience and
hands on on this list will ever have the privilege to avail themselves

Analysing the text, it seems that the OP has switched from needing s
'non winbind, non-nsswitch' solution  to a more challenging, 'non
nsswitch' only. winbind having now been dropped and after much
deliberation during the half time interval in the Germany-Portugal
match, unless the OP can resolve all names and groups from the AD ldap,
we have concluded that this is not possible. Please mark the thread,

Now, let's get back to the football. Samba indeed!

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