[Samba] Migrate from one server (samba3) to a new one (samba4)

Marc Muehlfeld mmuehlfeld at samba.org
Thu Jun 5 13:33:32 MDT 2014

Hello André,

Am 05.06.2014 21:26, schrieb André Guilhon:
> I'm thinking of installing a fresh version of samba 4, into a fresh server.
> I've read the docs, I know I should use samba-tool with classic upgrade
> option and stuff. The fact is that my original server is almost dead (not
> really, but..), and using ldapsam as Password backend and I want to migrate
> it to a new server using AD, and could not find how to do it!
> As a matter of fact, I would only need to migrate the users! Is there a way
> to do it? I saw I can use a different network interface, but could not find
> a way to change the original server! Any thoughts on that?

If you want to do the classicupgrade on a new host, then simply shutdown
Samba on the old server and copy the databases listed in the Howto and
your smb.conf + /etc/group to the new server. Migrating from tdbsam is
quite simple. Nothing more should be needed.

Then install Samba and do the classicupgrade on the new host. It's all
described here, what you need:


If you have any specific questions or problems, just ask.


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