[Samba] Samba File Share Encryption How To?

Gaiseric Vandal gaiseric.vandal at gmail.com
Tue Jun 3 14:54:00 MDT 2014

I DON'T think you can use Windows EFS (encrypting file system) on a 
samba share, since it isn't really an NTFS file system , even tho it 
looks that way to a Windows client.

Why do you need it encrypted on the samba share?  Wouldn't  ACL's not 
provide sufficient protection against unauthorized access or do you need 
an extra layer of protection?

You could use a user level  like Truecrypt to create an encrypted volume 
which is stored on the file share.   Windows clients can open the 
truecrypt file as a Windows drive letter, but from the samba server 
point of view it is just a file.       Or you can use PGP/GPG  or 
various commercial tools to encrypt the data -  but again this is all 
being done at the user level.  The file system it self is not providing 

Linux supports encrypted partitions-   so if someone steals the 
harddrive from the server, the data is protected.     Samba would be 
unaware of this.     That doesn't provide protection from someone who 
has access to the share when the computer is running- which is why you 
would still  use file permissions and share restrictions.

On 06/02/14 11:57, lp101 wrote:
> Hello,
>     Can someone please point me to documentation on encrypting a file 
> share? Looking to have data created on a Windows workstation backed up 
> and saved on a Samba file share across a WAN link. Currently using 
> IPsec so I assume I'm good on the transport end? Thanks.

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