[Samba] how to fix dns queries

C.Kindler kindc1 at gmail.com
Wed Jul 23 05:59:27 MDT 2014


just having a successful migration from s3 to samba4 running the
sernet-samba-package 4.1.8 with bind-9-8.2! (Thanks for the wiki-docs! )

Now, i encounter the following issue:

Searching  for all the registry entries that contain the broken records

samba-tool dns query SERVER DOMAIN @ ALL

There are registries like:

CNF:ed567568-5230-4796-ba53-935e3ade3013, Records=1, Children=0
    A: x.x.x.x (flags=f0, serial=1925, ttl=900)

What are these CNF-Records? What is to do with them?

Thanks for help.


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