[Samba] Authentization problem in Windows Server 2012 as member of Samba4 AD domain

Petr Hrbek hrbek at elektrokov.cz
Wed Jul 23 04:28:41 MDT 2014


I have windows 2012R2 server joined to Samba domain, but there is 
problem with user authentization in these cases:

When I add domain user in user account management I get:
This computer has problems in communication with domain. Try again later 
or ask domain administrator (error message is translated from localized 

When I show access rights which were previuosly set on some file, I get 
only SID as identification and there is no change to set access rights 
from domain users (it offers only local computer as location)

When I flog as domain user for first time it hangs with message "please 
wait for the user profile service". If I restart computer is login 
succesful, but when I logout and login as another users (which was not 
logged yet), I get ' There are currently no logon servers available to 
service this request' message.


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