[Samba] Migrate Samba to Windows Server

Fernando Rodriguez fernando at solid-optics.com
Sun Jul 20 03:27:13 MDT 2014

Hello Jan,

On 20/07/2014 10:17, Jan Novacek wrote:
> Hello,
> I need migrate Samba PDC to Windows Server.
> Is there somebody, who had managed to do this?

> Does exist some manual how to do it?

I never did it. But in your situation, i will join the windows server as 
DC of the domain and then transfer the roles to windows server and later 
demote the SAMBA dc.

Transfer roles in windows:

Samba 4 demote:

> Thank you,
> Best regards,
> Jan

May be somebody have a different point view better than mine.

Hope that helps.

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