[Samba] LDAP/PDC migration to Samba4

Marc Muehlfeld mmuehlfeld at samba.org
Sat Jul 19 18:30:52 MDT 2014

Am 20.07.2014 01:29, schrieb Andrey Repin:
> Perhaps, I wasn't exactly clear. Let me reiterate on the issue.
> I want to build a new server. Completely new.
> The old hardware is running real old, it's a Socket 478 Celeron without 64-bit
> support, and I'm running out of free space on it's 40(forty, that is) Gb of storage.
> And I really want to get 64-bit system, to free my hands on future upgrades as
> much as possible.
> As you can see, simple upgrade of old system is not an option.
> When the new server is up and running as BDC, I want to move the rest of old
> server functionality to replace it as PDC, gateway, accounting and file-server.

Installing an additional Samba NT4-style BDC is some work. But there is
many documentation about that on the internet. Some you can find here
(don't know if it's outdated meanwhile):

But maybe the following can be an easier way to bring your Samba to
64-bit: When I remember right, then a PDC-BDC installation requires
LDAP. If you already having an LDAP backend, then most of your data is
already in a good place for a 32-/64-bit migration.

You could install a new machine with x86_64 and tell it to use your LDAP
again. If it was on the old 32-bit host, then export it (slapcat) and
import it on the new one (slapadd).

Depending on what else was in your 32-bit Samba installation, you maybe
don't have to do much more. The TDBs on the new host will be recreated.
If your old Samba server wasn't acting as a printserver with
preconfigured drivers, this shouldn't be a big problem. Because in that
case the settings are stored in the registry.tdb.

> When all that done, I want to enable AD support. Ultimate goal is to have
> selectable roaming user profiles and full support for Win7 in domain
> environment.

You can't simply "enable" AD support. You have to do a classicupgrade
and migrate your NT4-style domain to an AD domain.

But before you do all that work with a BDC and later a migration to
Samba AD: Do you have the change to directly migrate to Samba AD? You
could prepare everything on a new 64-bit host, copy everything you need
and do the migration.

Of course this needs intensive testing and maybe adapting other services
as well. But your BDC way also does.

So maybe it's worth copying your 40 GB HDD to a larger disk to play for
time and then do the step to AD next. It will allow managing Win7
clients with GPO and bring you many other benefits.

BTW: What Samba version do you run on your old host?


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