[Samba] guide to install samba

L.P.H. van Belle belle at bazuin.nl
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( when wiki is online again ) 

go and have a look here, its a nice starter. 

This is a nice starter. 
You can use debian wheezy but then you need to enable backports. 
( or use Jessie )  

For debian you have 5 choices. 

1) from source, ( but my personal opinion, dont compile on production servers. ) 

2) debian ( wheezy ) samba 3.6.6 
3) debian ( wheezy-backports ) samba 4.1.x from jessie 
4) sernet samba 4.1.x

5) and in you case samba from Jessie ( 4.1.x )

If you want full functions, then jessie is the only option, 
Cups as a bug, and because of that kerberos auth does not work right.  ( fixed in jessie and above ) 
Squid has also some bugs, use squid 3.3.x from Jessie or above. 

all others, on wheezy no problem. 
I run for my DC's and members sernet samba 4.1.9 now. ( started with this before samba 4.1 was in debian ) 
for my proxy, debian wheezy, with recompiled squid ( +ssl ) from jessie and samba 4.1.x from wheezy-backports 
for my webserver samba 4.1.x from wheezy-backports.
for my print server, debian jessie, with debian samba 4.1.x 
and my old server samba 3.6.6. from debian wheezy

so lots of choices, but this all works good. 
It's just a choice you have to make. 

But remember, Debian Jessie, is scary to upgrade, lots of changes are done in Jessie, 
and you can end up with a not working debian anymore after an upgrade. 
this is why only my print server is running Jessie, and now it works ok, i dont upgrade it. 
at least until jessie is the new stable, or its really needed, so make sure you have good
backups if you go with Jessie. 

Best regards, 


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>I have and old system with samba 3.0.3 and I will migrate to a new
>server with debian jessie and samba 4. Im looking but Im not sure to
>create the structure samba + ldap + cups a good howto. My idea is to
>configure to use windows 7 how a clients. Any suggestions?
>The only seems to be good
>but is for ubuntu and I don't know If it's the same for samba 4.
>For private content :-)
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