[Samba] virtualization!?!?!

Márcio Merlone marcio.merlone at a1.ind.br
Thu Jul 3 13:51:03 MDT 2014

Em 03-07-2014 16:30, Claudio Renato Cardoso escreveu:
> I am virtualizating Samba 4.1.14 with vmware free. Any of you already
> virtualized and had used vmconverter server to copy a PDC already working
> with a domain ? Can I copy the hole machine with VMCONVERTER without any
> problem. I had done already this procedure with a laptop to another place
> and worked very well. This is pratical and easy, but is this procedure
> recommended?
> I would like any advise of virtualization (if possible or not).

I run my network on free esxi without problems. Have never run a 
converted machine but should be no problem. If the machine has big 
filesystems it may be interesting to deal with them before converting to 
speed the process.


*Marcio Merlone*

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