[Samba] virtualization!?!?!

Gaiseric Vandal gaiseric.vandal at gmail.com
Thu Jul 3 13:44:18 MDT 2014

I have used the free vmware converter tool to convert linux and windows 
machines to vmware.       it is a great tools and big time saver.

The migrated machine will by default have a NIC with a different MAC 
address.  So on rebooting the linux machine will detect that the 
physical NIC with the MAC associated  with e.g.  eth0 is no longer in 
existence, and than a new NIC (with a difft MAC) exists and will be 
assigned to e.g. eth1.          You will need to reconfig your network 
settings.  Depending on linux version, there may be old entries in udev 
files that you need to clean up.

Depending on the physical network card in the source machine, Vmware may 
not have an equivant virtual one.  so again you may have to reconfig 
your network settings on the new machine.

You may have an option to resize disks or partitions.   I found when 
converting windows servers with dynamic disks and software raid, that 
the conversion process would then detect each file system twice.   I 
don't recall this being an issue on P2V migrations of  linux machines 
with software raid.

the nice thing about the converter is if the conversion fails, you can 
redo it since the orig machine is not touched.

On 07/03/14 15:30, Claudio Renato Cardoso wrote:
> I am virtualizating Samba 4.1.14 with vmware free. Any of you already
> virtualized and had used vmconverter server to copy a PDC already working
> with a domain ? Can I copy the hole machine with VMCONVERTER without any
> problem. I had done already this procedure with a laptop to another place
> and worked very well. This is pratical and easy, but is this procedure
> recommended?
> I would like any advise of virtualization (if possible or not).
> Thanks you guys!

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