[Samba] vfs_shadow_copy2 with different snapshot format

Sabuj Pattanayek sabujp at gmail.com
Mon Jan 27 13:51:34 MST 2014

> Under Windows my 'Restore previous versions' shows only previous versions
> for today, as the OP also experienced.  I have been intentionally modifying
> this file a couple times a day for the past 2 days.

My issue is slightly different and I don't think there's a way to do what
you're trying to do unless you modify the way that your zfs-auto-snapshot
package is creating snapshot names, or add an option in the
vfs_shadow_copy2 parameters for something like shadow:regexpformat where
you can put a posix or pcre regex into the format. The other option may be
symlinks, but not sure if you can create symlinks in the zfs snapshots

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