[Samba] DNS Setup

Zhia Chandra zhia.chandra at gmail.com
Tue Jan 21 00:35:29 MST 2014

hii guys

i have some issue with dns in samba 4

i have install and setup 2 samba dc in different Site
site2 dc joint to site1 dc, with internal dns
topology :

site1 --- openvpn server --- firewall --- wan --- openvpn client --- site2

in site1 i have some application let say
email server:  mail.local.lan  >
web server : web.local.lan >

my issue is, dont want any site2-client access site1 directly to server in
i want site2-client access viat NAT form site1-firewall
and i have issue with setting dns data in domain controller
if i set in dc dns mail.local.lan  >, site2-client will have
same ip address for mail.local.lan , is there any way to change the ip of
mail.local.lan in site2-dc  only effect in site2 ?


Thx & Warm regards
Zhia Chandra

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