[Samba] DNS Setup

Chan Min Wai dcmwai at gmail.com
Tue Jan 21 17:03:05 MST 2014

Hi Zhia,

in that case you should not not mail.local.lan or local.lan domain
use something else like

and define statically on this company.com domain

Of course that site2 dc will have a similar result.
they are join...

so make another static dns like


As for the NAT issue check on the openvpn configuration I'm not sure if
that is possible.
but it don't affect samba...

On Tue, Jan 21, 2014 at 3:35 PM, Zhia Chandra <zhia.chandra at gmail.com>wrote:

> hii guys
> i have some issue with dns in samba 4
> i have install and setup 2 samba dc in different Site
> site2 dc joint to site1 dc, with internal dns
> topology :
> site1 --- openvpn server --- firewall --- wan --- openvpn client --- site2
> in site1 i have some application let say
> email server:  mail.local.lan  >
> web server : web.local.lan >
> my issue is, dont want any site2-client access site1 directly to server in
> site1
> i want site2-client access viat NAT form site1-firewall
> and i have issue with setting dns data in domain controller
> if i set in dc dns mail.local.lan  >, site2-client will have
> same ip address for mail.local.lan , is there any way to change the ip of
> mail.local.lan in site2-dc  only effect in site2 ?
> --
> Thx & Warm regards
> Zhia Chandra
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