[Samba] Samba Xattr and Execute Bit always set.

Prunk Dump prunkdump at gmail.com
Sat Jan 18 03:10:03 MST 2014


I have a samba4 PDC and I would like to give access to linux and
windows users the same home directory.

-> On the server, samba seems respect the Unix rights and Acls on the
shared file system with winbind. So I can control directly the rights
for my samba4 users/groups with the standard unix tools (chown, chmod,

-> On windows clients, everything works fine ! Acl, Dos attributes,
... . But all the files created on the server have all the UNIX x bits

-> On linux, the x bits set on the server, appears on the client. And
all the new files have all the UNIX x bits set. The user can remove
the user/other x bit with chmod but not the group x bit. If I disable
all the x bits on a file from the server, make chmod u+x on the client
make also the group x bit appear.

My samba PDC use xattr so "map archive = no" is useless.
Also "create mask = 0644" does not works.

How can I make the UNIX(rights, owner, group) <-> UNIX(rights, owner,
group) mapping on the samba share ?

Thanks !

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