[Samba] Complete Samba4 RC1 DC & Internal DNS Installation on CentOS 6.5, NTP, DHCP & Squid Proxy Server

Andreas Krupp andreaskrupp at akrupp.ch
Fri Jan 3 17:49:03 MST 2014

Hello there,

Below I am sending you a link where I attempted to document the end to end
steps to set up Samba4 RC1 as Domain Controller with internal DNS Server,
NTP, DHCP and Squid Proxy Server. It took me some time to find all the
pieces of documentation but I feel the result is worth to share.

FYI, this is not meant for a production installation - it is meant as a
sandbox to install for example as a virtual machine to then simulate an
enterprise like Active Directory, Domain Controller and so on for other
servers and applications to use in a sandbox scenario.


Any feedback is most welcome.
Cheers & best,

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