[Samba] Minimal configuration for Name Service

Marc Muehlfeld samba at marc-muehlfeld.de
Wed Feb 26 13:26:58 MST 2014

All your additional parameters can be omitted, as they have no effect. 
If you have a look at the smb.conf man page:

Am 26.02.2014 20:29, schrieb Thiago Crepaldi:
> I believe your configuration works well. I was wondering if
>          available=no

This is a share option. If not set on a share - and you don't have one 
in that minimal config - it has no effect.

>          name resolve order = hosts

"This option is used by the programs in the Samba suite to determine 
what naming services to use and in what order to resolve host names to 
IP addresses. Its main purpose to is to control how netbios name 
resolution is performed."

I think this doesn't have an effect to connecting clients machines.

>          wins support = no

Default: wins support = no
so can be omitted.

>          wins proxy = no

Default: wins proxy = no
so can be omitted.

>          dns proxy = no

"Specifies that nmbd(8) when acting as a WINS server and finding that a 
NetBIOS name has not been registered, should treat the NetBIOS name 
word-for-word as a DNS name and do a lookup with the DNS server for that 
name on behalf of the name-querying client."

As "win support" default is "no", it does not act as a WINS server and 
this option is also not important.

All this information are based on 4.1.5. Maybe if you use an older 
version, make sure, that the defaults are there the same.


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