[Samba] Minimal configuration for Name Service

Marc Muehlfeld samba at marc-muehlfeld.de
Wed Feb 26 11:53:06 MST 2014

Am 26.02.2014 18:57, schrieb Thiago Crepaldi:
>> I think, the most minimal config is:
>> [global]
>> workgroup = WKG
>> netbios name = MYNAME
> I guess I expressed myself poorly. I need a minimal configuration that is
> also as safe as possible, so it is desired to turn off all unnecessary
> services.

If you use this minimal config and only start nmbd, then only port 
137/udp and 138/udp are opened and Samba replies only to name requests. 
I'm not an expert about netbios, but I think, there isn't much to make 
more secure.

If you require smbd also to be started, then it would listen to 445/tcp 
and 139/tcp as well. But it won't authenticate or something else, as it 
is not a domain member nor have a user backend configured, etc. So I 
think there's also nothing special to secure.

> As we can't assume there is a DNS Server, I thought we maybe could use
> NetBIOS Name Service to do the trick.

With the above minimal config and only nmbd started, you can

# ping myname

(tried from Win8 with the above minimal config) as the name is resolved 
through netbios broadcast (what requires to have both machines in the 
same subnet).


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